Ensuring your child gets the best education possible is a top priority for Keith. He is a parent and former teacher who understands education issues from all sides. Keith believes that fixing our broken funding system is critical, and that building upon the reforms achieved in the 2015 Legislative session – the best school choice program in the nation, rewards for the best teachers and administrators, Read-by-3, strategies to improve chronically failing schools, and providing more local control over schools – is essential to continuing to improve Nevada’s education system. In addition, we must ensure that our classroom sizes are small and teachers are paid like the professionals they are. To do that, we need to know how the money is being spent and to direct it to proven programs and methods of instruction.

The one-size-fits-all approach that is promoted by those that would end these reforms has already put Nevada in last place.  Instead, Keith believes that adequate funding and affirmative steps to address problem schools and low-performing employees, including giving parents a choice, is key to improving our children's educational opportunities.




In the Assembly, Keith voted against tax increases. Specifically, he helped kill Assembly Bill 43 in 2017, which would have eliminated the cap on your property taxes.  He co-sponsored Senate Bill 352 which froze property tax increases on value when a home is rebuilt after a disaster destroyed it. 

As a small business owner and taxpayer advocate, Keith will continue working hard to hold the line on taxes while requiring state agencies to justify their expenditures line by line.




Keith believes budgets should always include accountability measures and benchmarks to ensure tax payer funds are not wasted.  While essential services like public safety and education should be the priority during the budget process, more efforts should be directed toward spending your money wisely.  

Keith is committed to pressing that state budgets include accountability measures and benchmarks to assure the money provided by the citizens this great state is not wasted.


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The broad range of professional experience Keith has had throughout his career offers a unique perspective and expertise that will serve the residents of Nevada well. Keith knows that creating an environment that leads to a strong vibrant economy with good paying jobs is the most important job of our elected leaders. Keith’s work to strengthen Nevada’s economy will include:

     •   Making it easier for Nevada’s businesses to succeed;

     •   Diversifying Nevada’s economy;

     •   Supporting businesses that can create great paying jobs; and

     •   Working to bring more companies to the great state of Nevada!



Keith proposed the first amendment in 2019 that would have corrected fatal flaws in SB 143 - the Bloomberg gun control law. But Bloomberg bought the Democrat votes and the correction was ignored. Keith later joined with Senator Heidi Gansert to propose an amendment to a campaign finance bill that would have ended cash contributions that can be easily hidden by candidates (and put one Democrat in prison), but the Democrats flatly defeated it too. Keith also supported Senate Bill 380, which supported efforts to extend the lobbyist gift ban to local governments.   This total legislative gift ban prevents lobbyists from wining and dining and buying fancy gifts for your representatives.